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Fremont’s Harold P. Young Industrial Park Sets the Stage for Future Growth


Excitement is building in Fremont, Ohio, as the completion of the Harold P. Young Industrial Park draws near. Located just off Route 20 on the northern edge of town, the city has annexed 150 acres of land to establish this new park, with hopes of igniting economic development in the area.

Mayor Danny Sanchez expressed the city’s motivation behind the project, stating, “We recognized that Fremont had not seen the development of a new industrial park in over three decades. Therefore, our primary focus became the creation of a new industrial park right here in our city.”

The project was funded using $1 million of the city’s ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act) funds, along with the collaboration of various stakeholders. Mayor Sanchez highlighted the key players involved, including a private developer and the Fremont Development Corporation, a non-profit group comprising community members, including the former CEO of the local hospital.

The chosen location of the industrial park, just north of the Route 20 bypass, holds immense significance. Bob Gross, Fremont’s Economic Development Director, emphasized its advantages, stating, “With excellent highway access and high visibility to the thousands of passing cars each day, this site is strategically positioned to showcase the potential of Fremont. We invite businesses to bring their operations to our city.”

Mayor Sanchez stressed the importance of not only attracting new businesses but also retaining existing industry leaders within the community. The industrial park presents a unique opportunity for local companies to reinvest in the city, fostering growth and expansion.

To commemorate this significant milestone, a groundbreaking ceremony is scheduled for June 28 at 10:30 a.m. The event is open to the public, allowing residents and stakeholders to share in the excitement of this transformative project.

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