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Sunday Links: Slow Parade Goes Unhurried Down SF’s Lake Street in Support of Car-Free Corridors


  • More than a hundred people rallied at Lake Street Saturday in support of making San Francisco’s already designated car-free streets permanent niceties. A community of pedestrians — most of which were either on foot or riding bicycles, though a few did take to their e-scooters — met at “Slow Lake” yesterday afternoon in support of keeping the aforementioned road free of vehicular traffic, as well as the other car-free corridors currently up in San Francisco under SFMTA’s Slow Streets Program; the rally came just a few days after JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park was deemed a permanent car-free space after an hours-long SF Board of Supervisors meeting on the matter. [Chronicle]
  • SF District Attorney Chesa Boudin announced arrests and charges in a recent string of retail theft operations. One Allala Mouaizi has been charged with “four felony counts of attempted receiving or buying stolen property”; one Said Mahtout has been charged with one count of “attempted possession of stolen property.” [NBC Bay Area]
  • Did you feel them? Two small earthquakes — one measuring 3.3M, the other around 3.4M — rattled Sonoma County on Saturday. [KPIX]
  • Francisco Park is low-key giving “Mini Dolores Park Energy,” which is all the more reason to check it out, if you haven’t done so already. [Twitter]
  • One lesser-known ways the climate crisis is affecting both humans and animals alike is that environmental stressors are impacting our microbiomes, which could lead to an alarming rise in gastrointestinal issues and more antibiotic-resistant bacteria in the near future. [Mongabay]
  • The White House Correspondents dinner returned last night (with a handful of good jokes, too). [WaPo]
  • Yesterday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi became the highest-ranking U.S. government official to step foot in Kyiv since the war in Ukraine began in March. [NYT]

Sunday Links: Slow Parade Goes Unhurried Down SF's Lake Street in Support of Car-Free Corridors

Photo: Courtesy of Twitter via @m_j_charnock

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