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Day Around the Bay: SF Sports Activist Pushes Bay to Breakers to Honor Non-Binary Winners


  • You can currently register as “non-binary” for Sunday’s big race in SF, which will now give out prizes and awards to non-binary winners. Calamia, a 25-year-old teacher in San Francisco who consider themselves transmasculine, said that competing as a non-binary runner allows them to participate as their authentic self, even though winning prizes for most of the country’s races — which just recently didn’t include Bay to Breakers until public outcry changed that on Thursday — don’t acknowledge non-binary contestants; Calamia and others are trying to change that. [Chronicle/SFGate]
  • Someone riding an electric scooter in Lower Nob Hill on Thursday night was robbed at knifepoint after riding too close to a stranger. The 37-year-old male victim was reportedly uninjured and identified the perpetrator as being another man near his age; it’s unclear if the victim was riding on the sidewalk — which is not permitted in San Francisco — or not.  [Chronicle]
  • Amid an increase in highway shootings, Newsom announced Friday the state will allocate funds to install additional freeway cameras to help catch shooters and, hopefully, mitigate roadway violence. [CBS Bay Area]
  • Two teachers from Rosa Parks Elementary School, Vincent Reyes and Cecily Ina-Lee, helped rescue people during this morning’s two-alarm fire in Western Addition that displaced at least eighteen people and left five injured. [KTVU]
  • FYI: Until the end of this week, the California Historical Society is waiving entrance fees to its museum at 678 Mission Street. [Mission Local]
  • If you’re going to be one of those problematic people who make Bay to Breakers a cumbersome mess for everyone else trying to actually run it, at least support the local watering holes, cafes, and eateries along the route. [Eater SF]
  • Here’s your reminder to not check your stock portfolio and crypto investments for a good while… and just set up a certain auto-deposit amount of your monthly income to go toward your Roth IRAs and 401ks. [New York Times]
  • Both British and Ukrainian officials are reporting heavy Russian casualties after the Kremlin failed to cross a river in the east part of the war-torn country. [Associated Press]

Day Around the Bay: SF Sports Activist Pushes Bay to Breakers to Honor Non-Binary Winners

Photo: Courtesy of Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

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