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Saturday Links: Don’t Forget About Street Closures for Bay to Breakers Tomorrow


  • One of the largest foot races in the world will descend on the city tomorrow — and cause a slew of road closures. Most of the shuttering for traffic will end by the afternoon, though the parking lot at Ocean Beach will continue to remain off-limits for vehicles until Monday evening. [KRON4]
  • Speaking of road closures regarding Bay to Breakers: BART and Muni are stepping up their game to meet the inevitable influx of riders. Muni will provide express service back to the downtown area after the race; anyone not participating in the race as a runner or spectator is encouraged to avoid areas affected by the Bay to Breakers; BART, too, plans on providing four additional trains that will arrive at the Embarcadero station at 7 a.m. with limited service. [CBS Bay Area News]
  • Oaklandside reporter Azucena Rasilla lost her beloved grandmother last month and has written a heart-pulling, gorgeous ode to her late-grandparent; Rasilla also details how [explicit] up the funeral costs in the Bay Area are at the moment. [Oaklandside]
  • One of the problems with breeding and reintroduction efforts of tigers in Nepal and India is that, while their numbers are increasing, the animals are becoming more concentrated and having their home territories overlap. [Monabay]
  • Amid a stock market in free fall and… well, everything else going on (read: going wrong) in the world, a growing percentage of young adults are throwing caution to the wind and, instead of saving for a tomorrow, are spending money to pursue hobbies/passions in the present. [NYT]
  • A mass shooting in Milwaukee after the Bucks game has left at least seventeen people injured; ten suspects are currently in custody. [CNN]

Saturday Links: Don't Forget About Street Closures for Bay to Breakers Tomorrow

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