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Outta Sight Pizza Preps Slice Shop Opening, Will Remain at Fig & Thistle Wine Bar as Evening Pop-Up


Outta Sight Pizza Preps Slice Shop Opening, Will Remain at Fig & Thistle Wine Bar as Evening Pop-Up

A big update for pizza fans in general and fans of Outta Sight Pizza in particular: The promised slice shop on Larkin Street near Civic Center is set to open any day now, but the Hayes Valley wine bar pop-up you’ve come to love isn’t shutting down.

It’s good news all around for chef Eric Ehler and business partner Peter Dorrance and their growing pizza presence in SF. After earning raves from the Chronicle last year with the Outta Sight Pizza pop-up at Fig & Thistle wine bar — a perfect balm for pandemic times with ample outdoor seating — the pair announced back in April that they’d secured a brick-and-mortar location. That spot, at 422 Larkin Street (the former Slingshot Cafe), is now getting ready for a soft-opening that could be as soon as tomorrow for all we can tell. Instagram is where they’re making their announcements, but importantly, they announced two weeks ago in a post that in addition to the slice shop opening, the pop-up isn’t going anywhere.

Tablehopper grabbed the news about the impending slice shop opening, the pop-up update, and some details.

“A big ol friendly reminder that we are staying open @figandthistle forever! Well as long as the building allows!” the team writes on Instagram. “Think about it like this – fancy pies in the evening at the Fig, and then big ol slices on Larkin! Pizza all day and pizza your way!”

There will be whole pies available for purchase at the slice shop, they say, but its focus will be on slices — and, it sounds like, some less complicated topping combos than at the pop-up, but still plenty of variety. Per Tablehopper, there will be nine rotating options in all on the slice-shop menu: basic cheese, pepperoni, the Madonna (mozzarella, sauce, and basil), a mushroom pie similar to their Orchard pie, and signature combos The Bear, Lunch Lady, Lisa, and Roy.

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In a post from the weekend, reiterating that the opening was coming up shortly, the Outta Sight team stressed that these won’t be perfect, same-sized slices.

“Please don’t expect perfectly uniform or ‘cookie cutter’ slices,” they write. “If you want a charred bubble, point and ask for the slice with the charred bubble! Our pizza is beautiful because of the imperfections. Not two slices will be the same. Uniform pizza is great but not for us.”

Also, the new shop will double as an art gallery. “When we first got the space we knew it would be a perfect spot to show off our homies art,” the team said in a post. “Think of it as pizzeria x skateshop x gallery.”

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Meanwhile, the pop-up is happening tonight, 5 to 9 p.m. at Fig & Thistle (429 Gough Street), and every Tuesday to Saturday for the foreseeable future.

Hours for the slice shop aren’t yet available — but their website indicates it will just be Monday to Friday to start.

Outta Sight – 422 Larkin Street – Slice shop due to open this week, with “grand opening in September”

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